In order to facilitate the data and operative management, the Tenancy Management System platform has been placed in our Server Farm and the service is provided to customers as cloud platform.

All relevant data are not stored in external memory devices, but sent via safe mode to the infrastructure of Tenancy Management System, guaranteeing the full control of data with a reduced time loss. The service makes the purchase, management and maintenance of operative software totally unuseful. Tenancy Management System is a flexible system that can be suitable to the needs of each company and its related corporate policies: the access is regulated in terms of competence and hierarchy. The platform, once implemented, works automatically and autonomously: it creates reports related to payments and deadlines and sends e-mails containing all the relevant information to the chosen working team, guaranteeing a timely and correct management. An advanced alert system can be changed and adapted to each process of each company with the result to speed up the operative processes and to increase productivity.

Tenancy Management System is available also as TRY&BUY version for a limited number of properties.

To be tested, it is necessary to:

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Concentrate To Your Main Business

The system enhances the real estate management and turns a complex and expensive corporate process into a smart solution.

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