When circumstances require the transfer of personnel to another country, you have to deal with many complex issues:


Unica Srl is able to provide companies with the best assistance to manage relocation mechanisms, in Milan and throughout Italy, taking care of all the complicated and delicate issues related to international mobility.

The goal of Unica Srl, that always puts the customer at the center of its work, is to relieve companies from practical and bureaucratic obligations arising from the transfer of people and to ensure, at the same time, that the employee (and his/her family) is never alone; and this even before his/her transfer to the country of destination and until, at the end of his/her temporary career path, he/she will start a new career in a different country.

In order to accomplish all this, professionals with proven skills, international background, constantly updated in the relevant areas of competence and with a fluent knowledge of several languages make best use of the integrated system of tools designed by Unica Srl to provide the most comprehensive, efficient, competitive, safe and highly technical outsourced relocation service currently available on the national market.

Discovery Unica Srl Service

To better understand the work of Unica Srl, please explore the various sections of this site, and in particular the pages dedicated to services:

House Search in Milan
Tenancy Maintenance
Tenancy Management

In particular, we woluld like to draw your attention on Tenancy Management, a solution based on Tenancy portal able to handle the administrative aspects of the lease, strength of Unica Srl.

Tenancy management system platform

Tenancy Management allows to manage the lease agreements in a fully automatic way by interacting with each department concerned, facilitating interaction thanks to a high level of automation.

Tenancy Maintenance intends to be a reference point in the emergency maintenance of buildings, outsourcing the service so as to minimize the impact to the company both in terms of cost and time.

Tenancy transfers stressing and low-impact processes such as housing and relocation management, offering its customers cutting-edge tools for constant monitoring of service levels agreed for each activity.

Below are just a few benefits you will get from cooperation with Tenancy:

increased working efficiency,
minimization of time waste,
reduced direct and indirect costs,
possibility to support HR        departments to the relevant core businesses

Safety and reliability are the elements that entrepreneurs and managers will experience, knowing that they can rely on a partner which always gives maximum priority to customer satisfaction, attention to its needs and search for tailor-made solutions for each business.


Tenancy was born from the cooperation of professionals who have gained broad experience in the Real Estate, Relocation, Computer and Consulting fields, with the aim to provide an effective service to companies and large properties that make use of residential property lease for their employees.

Automation, outsourcing and innovation are the ingredients behind the creation of Tenancy Management and Tenancy Maintenance, helping the company in the management of housing and relocation from the floor up.