Tenancy Maintenance, through a strong partnership, helps you thanks a solid network of high-skilled technicians throughout the entire nation.

Tenancy Maintenance provides a dedicated phone number to connect you with the wide network through its Call Center. Tenancy Maintenance guarantees fast answer times through the control of SLA and, thanks to its wide presence, is able to identify a reliable and expert technician in your area. We do not measure only our Call Center efficiency, but also the service level of the technician involved in the reparation and restoration of issues.

In case of an issue, you have to follow these steps:

Tenancy Maintenance answers and acts immediately.

This is how it works:

Tell Us what’s the Problem

In case of an issue, you just have to call the phone number: you will get a ticket number and Tenancy Maintenance will select the best technician available that can guarantee the lowest intervention times.

We Select The Technician

The selected technician will open immediately the process of phone assistance and will agree the intervention times following the tenant’s availability.

Immediate Intervention

Once agreed an appointment, the technician will come fixing the issue as fast as possible without hurting the employee or the company.

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