Tenancy Maintenance’s challenge

Are you the owner or the facility manager of a company or large real estate company? Your employees use the housing service? The tenancy maintenance is becoming a real issue? You’re in the right place! Tenancy Maintenance is the right service for you!!!

In fact, besides the creation of Tenancy Management System, we thought to integrate that innovative service with Tenancy Maintenance, that provides urgent maintenance of your real estate properties.

How Tenancy Maintenance works?

Let’s suppose that your employee, once get back home after a long working day, notices a leakage in the apartment.

As the tenant is not directly responsible to maintain the apartment, he will tend to delegate the ordinary and extraordinary mainteinance to the company and the company could have some trouble to manage this.

So what do you do? Your first idea is to look for a closer and available company in order to fix this issue as soon as possible, but you have to consider that this can be difficult especially if this happens beyond the normal working hours. Once contacted the technician, it is necessary to follow step by step the restoration activities, with a consequent time loss for the resources that could be allocated to different and more important tasks and it is also complicated to insert it in the vendor register.

Let’s also say that sometimes, before the intervention , it is also necessary to analyse the hourly costs and its quality, besides verifying the reliability of the selected professional. Now consider how many interventions you need and the their distance from your headquarters: just imagine how much time you need to follow all these steps!

In order to save money and time you need an urgent solution and Tenancy Maintenance represent the real answer to your problems: it’s a widespread service with a network of technicians spread in the entire nation with a dedicated phone number and transparent rates.

If you select Tenancy Maintenance, you should follow these steps:

1) Call the call center

You should have called the Call Center of Tenancy Maintenance and dial the dedicated phone number, available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The Call Center would have contacted immediately a high-skilled technician within your area.

2) Immediate intervention of the technician

Then the Tenancy Maintenance technician would have contacted your employee and would have performed the operation with consequent save of time and money.

If you think that through the Call Center of Tenancy Manteinance you can contact whatever category of technician (i.e. electrician, plumber, tinsmith, etc.) the big advantage consists in the possibility to access to a network of high skilled technicians by just dialing a phone number.

3) Control of service level and restoration process

Therefore we control both the time of the entire process from the first call to the restoration of the damage through the SLA, and the quality of the intervention performed by the technician.

Tenancy Maintenance allows to control the operation status (through a specific ticket number) from the opening to the closure of it. The status is continuously updated and lets the company to keep constantly informed.

Each type of intevention has its agreed and transparent hourly costs: you will know what you will spend.


What about the invoice?

We are aware of the difficulties that involve the management of suppliers. Tenancy Maintenance is can be the only partner that manage and provide urgent services to restore domestic equipment.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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